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Happy Apples

Who would have thought you could have so much fun with apples! Making apple juice at Skool Beanz has definitely been a highlight and it's a great way for children to exert all that energy.

How to make Apple Juice:


Apples, large container (half barrel size), clean fence post, Apple Press, jug, cups.


  • Wash apples first in a big bucket of water

  • Put clean apples in a large container

  • With a clean fence post, smash up the apples, do a little dance and sing!

  • Pour mushed apples into the apple press

  • Put lid on and turn handle

  • Have a jug ready to catch the Apple Juice

  • Drink delicious Apple Juice!

Apple Printing

Another fun activity to do with apples is making apple stamps.

  • Simply cut an apple in half, dip in paint and stamp away.

  • Once the paint is dry, decorate your apple prints into Ladybirds, Butterflies and flowers using coloured felt tip pens and pencils.

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